The Bernadette Foundation presents:

Journeys to the World of the Unseen
A Shamanic Spiritual Development and Soul Healing

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Based on current events unfolding, and the increased momentum of time compounding as we are getting closer to a potential major consciousness shift, I felt compelled to redesign this workshop to help you access your gift of spirit in preparation for 2012.

2012 is about a major shift. This shift includes changes in your consciousness, your energetic frequencies, and your awareness, among many others. You can learn how to make the shift by tapping into the unlimited information available in the world of spirits.

We are all connected - past, present, future, and in all parallel universes. We are all connected through the Universal Mind. Once you decide to open your eyes to the truth of this reality and your own powers of mind, miraculous things will start to take place in your life. You will in essence create your own reality.

Life is energy and energy is never lost, it simply changes form. The souls of your ancestors and great beings of light who have walked on our beautiful planet want to inspire and provide you with loving support in your life's journey. They want to assist you in becoming more receptive to the guidance of your own soul. Because energy is not constrained by time or space, it makes it possible for them to reach out to you from the spiritual realms to help you to live a fulfilling, rewarding, joyful life by healing past memories and welcoming the future with gratitude.

In this course you will learn how to reach an altered state of consciousness and travel to the world of spirits where masters, guides, and visions of the past and future live in a reality independent of our physical world. With the support of your earthly and celestial allies you will participate in a healing ceremony at the Fire Council of the Elders where you will meet with your loved ones and recapture the legacy knowledge and wisdom of your ancestors as you release unconscious karmic debts that have kept you bonded to the past.

You will explore the world of the invisible and discover how every living thing on our beautiful planet is connected to you and to the vast web of life, and recognize the miracle of your own life. You will learn how to "listen to the whispers of your soul" for decision making and guidance as you renew your relationship with mother earth, the greatest healer, in one of the most powerful places on earth.

Copyright © 2007 Susan Eleanor Boulet Trust

This “Soul Healing Process” developed by Josiane Antonette has been many years in the making. It is rooted in the teachings of diverse shamanic cultures and spiritual orientation from all over the globe, including Josiane's own Corsican shamanic background. Josiane has integrated what she has learned through her personal and professional experiences working with the living, the dying, and the world of spirits. The tools she uses to access the part of your life that is in need of healing are derived from an earth-centered practice of shamanism. These ancient tools have been created to effectively open a direct pathway to the world of Spirit in order for you to reestablish a conscious connection with your own multi-dimensional nature and find the true meaning and purpose of your life.

This workshop has been specifically developed for those in the healing profession and is highly recommended for the serious seeker of knowledge who wants to understand and experience first hand the world of the unseen and to renew their connection with all that is.

*Led by: Josiane Antonette
Internationally acclaimed Corsican Shaman/Medium
Specializing in interdimensional communication.
She is the author of Whispers of the Soul and Matters of Spirit.

Also available for
 Mt. Shasta Escorted Mystical Journeys

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