Whispers of the Soul
by Rev. Josianne Antonette

Spiritual inspiration in Whispers of the Soul by Josianne Antonette, founder Bernadette Foundation.
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The cover is an original, unaltered photograph taken by Josiane of Black Butte Mountain.

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From the Prologue:

This story is my very personal journey to wholeness which I humbly and respectfully share with you. As you read it, may you hear the whispers of your soul, remember how beautiful you really are, and express this beauty by embracing life passionately. May it inspire, delight, and contribute understanding of your own living and dying and that of your loved ones. — Josiane Antonette

This is a story of a woman's journey between the mundane world and the world of spirit. After a near-death experience, she discovered the ability to communicate with "the other side of life." Through the guidance of highly evolved beings and her own deceased ancestors and teachers, she travels between the two worlds and has come back to help us to remember the beauty of our own soul.

This powerful book offers unparalleled insights into the world of spirit and will contribute to the understanding of your own life and death and those of your loved ones. It will delight and inspire you to live your life according to your own unique vision of yourself!

Whispers of the Soul is about Josiane and her Journeys to the Other Side of Life, the passion for her work with the living and the dying, and her total connection with spirit. "Josiane's understanding of living and dying, and the spiritual realms has touched many people including me. During the production of the book, I was in tears and in joy, and I feel that everyone in the world should read her story." — Publisher's Comments

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 — Memé
Memé, my grandmother, was a member of a Corsican lineage of women who were healers. The Sage Femme (sage women) were those who protected home and animals with their prayers and who healed everyone....

Chapter 2 — Encounter with Death
I had not expected to encounter my own death so early in life.... My near-death experience shattered my world. It shook me into remembering spirit and other dimensions of life...

Chapter 3 — The Return
Now what I had to do was reconcile and integrate into my life the new awareness I had gained through my experience with death. This was the hardest task I ever challenged myself with, but also the most rewarding...

Chapter 4 — Voices from the Other Side
Standing before me was a being of incredible beauty! A magnificent light surrounded him. He radiated such love and warmth. "I have been waiting twelve years for you, the being said"...

Chapter 5 — Touching the Face of the Great Mystery
By allowing me to assist her, June had shared with me one of the most intimate moments of her life: her encounter with the great mystery, the other side of life... I could see the Creator in each of my patients and touch the face of the great mystery as I walked with them to the threshold of eternity...

Chapter 6 — Remembering
My love and respect for her grew as I started to understand that she was teaching me the importance of remembering who I was, honoring and preserving the memories of my ancestors because they made me what I am...

Chapter 7 — Heaven and Earth
Even my dream life was beginning to reflect my new earthiness... my teachers were worldly creatures as well as celestial beings of light... my angelic teachers had guided me in the celestial world; now my earthly teachers were guiding me into both the terrestrial world and the underworld...

Chapter 8 — Maman Loba
Late that first night, after the dance's close... I awoke with a start. What was that sound? I listened intently. Wolves?... All my senses were sharpened by fear. I felt their wild cries in my body. Excitement filled me as I listened to the wolves and allowed myself to receive their songs. Soon my fear subsided as I remembered hearing their calls many times in the past...

Whispers of the Soul: Journeys to the Other Side of Life
by Josiane Antonette

Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Sandra Gaskin

I felt strangely ‘drawn’ to this book right away, which is always a good sign of receiving something that I truly need. By the end of the book, I was experiencing ‘Godbumps’ i.e. ‘goosebumps’, & knew that I had definitely learned much by reading Ms. Antonette’s story.

Josiane was born in France and raised for awhile by a spiritually intuitive grandmother. In early adulthood, she had a near-death experience which profoundly affected the rest of her life. Her circuitous route through personal growth, relationships, and healing ministries make for an exciting and inspiring adventure.

I found that I could not set the book down for long, eager to see where Spirit was leading this dedicated and compelling individual. The book culminates with her immersion into Native American culture, and I was literally ‘swept away’ by the colorful descriptions of ritual and ceremony. It took me back to my own Cherokee tribal roots, and I could hear Spirit gently whispering, ‘Remember... remember.’

I highly recommend this book to all ‘seekers’ along the Path. From novice to advanced teachers…it will be a blessing to read. We all have unique and special stories to tell. Josiane Antonette shares hers so wonderfully!

A few of my favorite quotes from the book include:

(As Josiane is preparing for her guidance of the Sweat Lodge ceremony) “When we sit down together in this lodge to commune with Great Spirit… it doesn’t matter what religions we each follow, or what cultures we are from. This is about living life right here and now, grounded on our planet where we are, as we are. We each may have different tools, different ways, but there is a part of us that is the same. In this lodge all are welcome; this lodge is open to every expression of the divine.”

“Spirituality is not an experience; it is what we are. Spirituality is getting in touch with the natural flow of our own lives and expressing that sacredness in our relationships, homes and working places. When we recognize the miracle of life in everything, we understand our connection with the whole. Then we create a sense of wonder in our every day lives—we create heaven on earth.”

“All lives are connected as one luminous web. Everything that grows, flies, swims, walks or crawls upon the earth—every blade of grass, every person, every creature, all flowers, everything—is interconnected. As we honor and clearly express ourselves fully, we honor all life, and we ensure the legacy of heaven on earth for future generations.”

Angelic blessings & happy reading!
Rev Dr Sandra Gaskin

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