Matters of Spirit
by Rev. Josianne Antonette

Spiritual inspiration in Matters of Spirit by Josianne Antonette, founder Bernadette Foundation.

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From the Prologue:

This book, Matters of Spirit, is written for you—the many people who have sought my counsel—and others interested in living and dying with greater understanding of the spiritual laws that govern all existence. My intention and gift to you in writing this book is to help you understand the realm of spirits and use your knowledge to empower your life. With each page, you will learn great truth and principles of the world of the Unseen...that will allow you to open to your own gift of Spirit. —Josiane Antonette

In Matters of Spirit, Josiane Antonette takes you on an extraordinary journey to the world of spirits and gives you practical exercises for developing your connection with the world of the unseen. A near death experience survivor and spirit communicator with over 30 years of professional experience, she shares her wealth of knowledge that has its origin in the shamanic tradition of her native country, Corsica, France.

In this compelling mind-expanding guide, she illuminates such subjects as:

  • the spiritual nature of man
  • the world of spirits
  • death and the freeing of the soul
  • afterlife communication
  • exploring the afterlife
  • contacting lost souls
  • suicide
  • communicating with a person in a coma
  • animal spirits
  • visions and dreams

— Publisher's Comments


For as long as I can remember, I have been in contact with the world of the unseen. I have been blessed with the unique gifts of clairvoyance and telepathy. The trade in which I serve today takes its roots in the shamanic tradition of my native country, Corsica France, and has taken years of training and the refining of my abilities to communicate with the world of spirits. I am also a near death experience survivor. For over thirty years my innate capability of understanding living, dying, and the spiritual realm has helped to transform many lives.

Chapter 1 — Your Sixth Sense: Gift of Spirit
You are spirit, clearly and without dispute. Within you lies the essence of the almighty divine intelligence that guides and controls the universe. You are pure spirit cast into a human existence to carry on the divine plan. There is only one force-one mind in all creation-and everything is part of it. The universal force that flows through everyone is without limitation and nothing is impossible to achieve when aligned with it. As spirit, you are part of that intelligence. Although your physical life may seem fragile, you are powerful in your spiritual life because the intelligence from which you come is greater than all. This real you—this conscious intelligence that exists in you—is timeless, formless, and blessed by all the power and magnificence that ever was and ever will be. It is a gift from Spirit, a divine birthright, and is denied to no person.

Chapter 2 — The World of Spirits: Celestial Guidance
The wisdom of the ages teaches that each individual—believer or nonbeliever, good or bad, old or young, sick or well, rich or poor—has a personal spirit guide every moment of their life. Unseen by most, they are always beside you watching over, guiding, and inspiring you to listen to the guidance of your higher self—your soul. Your guide's mission is to follow you through the course of your life and help you progress. Their close presence is available to you whether or not you believe in them. They assist you in all endeavors and sometimes even visibly manifest to protect you, give you hope, or show you the way to safety.

Chapter 3 — Dreams and Visions
During your sleep you can get in touch with your soul and receive vital information for your well being. Through sleep, you connect with the spirit world again. Sleep is the gate that opens the soul to a wide range of experiences. During sleep your senses become less active and you are free to enjoy faculties which lie dormant when you are awake. Communication with spirits in this world, the other side of life, or from other dimensions becomes possible. Upon awakening, the recollection of your encounters will be life affirming.

Chapter 4 — Animal Spirits
Spirit never contradicts itself and everything that has been created in the natural world is and has always been in harmony with infinite compassion and wisdom, but man has continued to downplay the intelligence of animals. Animals are sacrificed to benefit man without thought or regret. In our society many see animals as a commodity, object, or tool. We are so self-absorbed that often we don't realize how much animals have to teach us, and so we do not always consider that animals feel, understand, suffer, and have a soul. Do we suppose that Spirit has created something with no purpose? That some of our creatures have no future or way to follow the law of progress?

Chapter 5 — Death and the Freeing of the Soul
Our scientific community has decided the current definition of death for us. In so doing, they have closed the discussion of death by labeling it "The End." Fear and prolonged grief have been caused by omitting the fact that we are indestructible spirit and this most beautiful part of us will never die. As a consequence, the actual act of dying is not necessarily painful. However, from the eyes of the observer the struggle that takes place as the spirit seeks to free itself from the body might seem frightening or painful, but it is not truly so. We have to realize that while the act of dying is taking place, the soul has started the process of rebirth to its original state by disconnecting from matter at regular intervals.

Chapter 6 — The Soul's Journey to the Afterlife
Either from love or unhealthy attachment, spirits may wander between the two worlds for quite sometime, neither participating in life as they knew it or using the expanded awareness that the state of spirit offers. This state of consciousness is called the astral plane, and these souls are called earthbound spirits. Sometimes the people these earthbound spirits were connected to in their life will feel their presence. The spirits will either emanate a sense of well-being and protection, or haunt them and make their lives difficult. In such cases, communication with the other side can be one of the most compassionate acts any human being can perform.

Chapter 7 — Afterlife and Between-Life Communication
For many years my connection with the spirit world came to me spontaneously or in the dream time. Never did I take it for granted. Now, my work has become my way of life. My physical mind is concerned with daily details like any human being, but I never forget that I have a spirit mind. It is the latter which I desire to bring to a superior state. When alone and in silence, I dwell in the world of the unseen and seek to establish a close affinity with Spirit and live by a code of true values. Today my gift is to see, feel, listen, and talk with spirits using a very different set of senses than most people. For me communication with the afterlife is a life-affirming event. It reminds me over and over that we are not humans having a spiritual experience: We are spirits having a human experience.

Chapter 8 — Bridging Matter and Spirit
Everything we do transforms and reshapes the world we live in. Through prayers and rituals we celebrate the Spirit that we are and reconnect with the rhythm of our lives on earth. Creating or participating in a ritual or ceremony resolves the contradiction that exists between body and spirit, mind and nature. When rituals are created with the conscious intention of connecting with the world of the unseen, we restore the natural balance between the world of matter and the world of Spirit.

My dream is that someday our culture will begin to take seriously and honor the world of the unseen again. Then our view and the way we are in the world will change them forever and true peace will be restored on earth. We are as varied as the flowers in the fields, and yet each one of us is a precious part of the great web of life. The physical world we live in, life, death, and the spiritual world are all interdependent. Everything comes from the same source, and to that source it shall return.

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