After Life Communication

Why After Life Communication?

Often those experiencing grief and loss are searching for answers to questions such as:

When someone we have loved dies, it feels like a part of us has died with them. Grieving is healthy and should be allowed to take place, but sometimes, unfinished business keeps us bonded and keeps the deceased earthbound. Your loved ones want you to know they are well and want you to go on with your life. The love bond you had is never broken and someday you will be reunited.

After life communication will help you to resolve unfinished business and allow you to reclaim your right to live fully while helping the departed spirit go on with its own journey. Afterlife communication will also bring new insights about the deceased, how they have survived their passings, and what they might experience on the other side.

I also specialize in working with those who have died a violent death (suicide, accident, murder) and are still earthbound to help them find their way home.

How I developed this gift....

My journey started 60 years ago when I was blessed to be raised for the seven first years of my life in Corsica (France) by my Grandmother, "Zia" Raphaella who was part of the Corsican lineage of "Sage women" or "Sage Femme" healers and communicaters with the other side. Death and the After life was never a mystery for me. I was sixteen when I experienced my first direct communication with the After Life, the world of spirits. Communication with spirits has occupied a major place in my life since then and the subject of a long journey of investigation into the realm of the unseen eventually became my way of life. I have traveled between the mundane and the world of spirit many times; now I feel at home in both. After a "near death experience" in my early twenties, it became very clear that I could no longer deny my special gift of communication. I have freed many lost souls, also called earthbound spirits, from their after death experiences (suicide, accident or murder), helped them to regain free will, and brought healing to their loved ones. I have been serving as a bridge between the two sides of life since 1982. My understanding of living and dying and the world of spirit has touched many.

This service is offered in person or by phone.

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