Near Death Experience Support

If you have had or think you might have had, a near-death experience (NDE), you have found a safe place to talk about it and process your own unique experience, and to understand and integrate it into your life today.

The most important part of my mission after having my own near death experience in 1964 (I was only 23 years of age), is to offer support to those who have experienced a NDE. Near-death experiencers (NDErs) commonly consider their NDE to be the most profound experience in their lives. Their transformation in values, beliefs, and approaches toward life are very real, expressing a deep inner wisdom and connection, not only with humanity but also with the earth and cosmos. The unique nature of NDEs many times present a challenge as family members, friends and society are not always ready to listen or even hear. A feeling of not fitting in and loneliness might set in and this is when finding a knowledgeable and helpful listener is important. Your search to freely express your own unique experience is over. You are now safe and in the company of someone who has been living and putting into practice what a NDE has taught her for over 60 years.

NDE support is free of charge
Heart felt donations are always welcome to help me continue this most valuable work

In 1964 I went through a powerful initiation into the world of spirit through a near death experience. I have since then traveled the journey between the mundane world and the world of spirit many times; now I feel at home in both. As a result of all my experiences, I serve as a medium between the two sides of life, assisting individuals in their search to remember and to fully embrace their unique spirituality. I help them meet their own higher guidance, the voice of their soul. I offer my God given talents to facilitate communication between a deceased person and the one left behind. I also specialize in helping those who have died a violent death to find their place in the afterlife. I serve comatose patients and their families, keeping the line open between everyone concerned. I also offer prayers and healing for animals and help their loved ones with their losses as well. With the assistance of Spirit, I facilitate the healing of body and mind.

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