The Bernadette Foundation

Conscious Living/Conscious Dying

A Specialized Training in Living, Dying, and the Spiritual Dimension of the Soul

The course is designed for health care providers and for those interested in becoming
a volunteer with the Bernadette Foundation visitation program.

12 Hours Continuing Education Credits for Nurses
California BRN provider # C.E.P. 12942

By examining the processes of living, dying and grieving, and the spiritual dimensions of one's existence, participants will be better prepared to work with the aged, the dying and grieving, and to understand their own mortality. Through lectures and various exercises, this specialized training covers practical skills in dealing with death and dying, how to work with a person in a coma, what happens at the time of death, and the after life. It offers a supportive environment necessary for participants to explore and express their own fears of life and death and to learn how to be with loss and change, whether theirs or someone else's. The course is designed for medical and nursing staff, health care providers, and ministers and others wishing to expand their awareness or who wish to work with people with a life threatening illness as a volunteer for the Bernadette Foundation visitation program. At the end of the course each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information, please call (530) 926-6871 or .

"When we embrace fully our living and our dying we awaken to our full potential,
we become more real with ourselves and others, more present with each other,
and live our lives as true embodied spirit."
— Josiane Antonette

Volunteer Visitation Program

Our Volunteer Training is a specialized course formulated for volunteers and is open to family members, health care givers, and others wishing to expand their awareness of Life, Death and transition.

The Foundation's outreach visitation program serves the community by providing trained volunteer visitors in local hospitals and homes, assisting the terminally ill and comatose patient, their loved ones and caretakers suffering from grief and loss.

Josiane's assistance for any of these services is available in Mt. Shasta and in your area by special arrangement at any time.

You can contact her at:

or call (530) 926-6871

Please watch for our volunteers training in 2011

About the Bernadette Foundation

The Bernadette Foundation is a non-profit, interfaith, educational organization founded in 1982 by Rev. Josiane Antonette. The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance balanced, conscious living and dying by assisting individuals to understand their spiritual nature and their common connection with all lives. Through lectures, services, classes, and retreats, the Foundation provides a supportive environment for self healing and expanded awareness.

The Bernadette Foundation was founded in honor of Bernadette Soubirous the seer of Lourdes who came to Josiane in a vision on February 18 1980. For the past 30 years Bernadette's gentle guidance has kept the vision alive and the Foundations services has served many.

All Donations to the Bernadette Foundation are tax deductible and help us to continue our work.

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"From the light we have come, and to the light we shall return!"
— Rev. Josiane Antonette

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"I believe that Josiane's approach to working with the dying represents a major contribution to the field of Thanatology. Her methods are innovative, compassionate and informed by her deep spirituality." — Dr. Kenneth Ring, Professor of Psychology, University of Connecticut; Author of "Life at Death" and "Heading Toward Omega"