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Contemporary Corsican Shaman

Josiane Antonette
Zia Josiane Antonette
Contemporary Corsican Shaman

Corsica, France
Corsica, France
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My journey started many years ago with my grandmother in Corsica (France) who was involved in the Shamanic healing tradition of the island. This is where I experienced my first glimpses of the other side of life, the world of Spirit. Communication with Spirit has always occupied a major place in my life, both consciously and in the dream time, and it is now a way of life. In 1964 I went through a powerful shamanic initiation into the world of spirit through a near death experience. I have since then traveled the journey between the mundane world and the world of spirit many times; now I feel at home in both.

As a result of all my experiences, I serve as a medium between the two sides of life, assisting individuals in their search to remember and to fully embrace their unique spirituality. I help them meet their own higher guidance, the voice of their soul. I offer my God given talents to facilitate communication between a deceased person and the one left behind. I also specialize in helping those who have died a violent death to find their place in the afterlife. I serve comatose patients and their families, keeping the line open between everyone concerned. I also offer prayers and healing for animals and help their loved ones with their losses as well. With the assistance of Spirit, I facilitate the healing of body and mind.

In 2002 I was recognized as a Corsican Shaman in the country of my ancestors for my role as a bridge between cultures and dimensions. I am grateful for the lineage of Zia before me who have paved the road in this long commitment in which I serve. For over forty years I have worked with the living and the dying, as a hospital chaplain, in universities as a teacher, as a spiritual counselor, healer and a ceremonial leader. My connection with Spirit and understanding of life and death have transformed many lives.

On a personal level, I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother; and my relationship with the members of my family keeps me well grounded in every season of my life. My connection with the natural world and the world of spirit fills my life with wonder and great joy. I live a life based upon my vision and my own truth, bridging heaven and earth, walking gently upon the planet and passionately singing my love song to the creator of all things.

All lives are connected as one luminous web, and as we honor all forms of life we honor ourselves and we ensure the legacy of heaven on earth for future generations. For this purpose, I live my life in service to all that is.

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"Listen to the whispers of your soul and know how beautiful you truly are."
— Josiane Antonette, author of "Whispers of the Soul"