Services Offered For Our Animal Friends

Our St. Francis garden is dedicated to the memory of our dog, Jessie



In Memory of Valentino "Tino" Germain

Jessie Antonette was about 14 when she went to animal heaven on April 10, 2003. She blessed our lives for many years, and her love and gentleness will be remembered forever.
  • After-Life Communication/Grief
  • Spiritual Healing Sessions
    Hands on energy balancing for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.
  • Distance Healing
    Transmission of healing energies without the animal present.

Losing Your Companion

Titou Antonette 1979-2002

Honoring the life of a beautiful being

Dear friends,
I am still in mourning for the loss of my dear companion, my friend, my love, Titou the cat. Titou had reached the ripe age of 23 when it became very clear that his time with me was to come to an end. Titou reached the other side on April 10 and his body was laid to rest on the land he so proudly "protected" and ruled for the past 16 years. It feels good to have him home and I know the love bond we shared will go on forever, yet I miss his soft body, his tender kisses, his whiskers brushing my face in the morning to wake me up, his loud purr, his way of telling me I was his everything. Titou was an elegant cat. He never drink in a cat bowl; he drank only from a long stemmed glass at the great surprise of many of my friends. He always displayed a great sense of pride and attunement with his human friends. Titou died the way he had lived, showing great dignity, patience, understanding and profound compassion for his human parents. I truly believe Titou was an angel sent from above to help me in my journey through life and teach me the meaning of unconditional love.

The loss of an animal can carry with it the same feeling of the loss of a beloved friend, family member or a child. Pets are our own reflection, they are dearly attuned to us and we to them. Like humans, animals possess the qualities of love and enjoy associating with other beings. When we become emotionally attached to a pet their death has a profound psychological and emotional effect. When the love bond has been broken, no matter what form or shape it had, the loss of such an important part of one's life can be devastating and grief will follow. When we allow ourselves to feel the loss of our beloved pets and mourn their passing, we honor their life, the love bond we shared and our connection with all our relations.

I have helped many people and their dear companions through life transition and healing over the past thirty years. Animals have been great teachers for me and in assisting them in time of crisis I had the great privilege to meet incredibly evolved beings. Their dignity and total trust in us is something that we humans have still a lot to learn from.

Much love and many blessings to you all.
— Josiane Antonette

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