"From the light we have come, and to the light we shall return!"
— Rev. Josianne Antonette

Isis and Osiris, by Susan Seddon Boulet
Isis and Osiris, by Susan Seddon Boulet

Preparation For Burial

Honoring the Newly Dead

I offer myself to be of service by assisting you to come to closure with the death of your loved one, by honoring the deceased with appropriate preparation for burial.

Why preparation for burial?

The body of the newly dead is not debris or remnants, nor is the person entirely gone. They are rather adjusting to a new reality. It is wise and recommended to treat the newly dead tenderly, carefully, and with honor.

A preparation for burial is a ceremony commemorating the life and death passage of an individual. It is a necessary ritual acknowledging a life-changing event for surviving family and friends.

In my life long experience as a nurse, hospital chaplain, and as a person who has worked with the dying for many years, I have noticed that when a mortuary funeral business is hired to handle a funeral the deceased is most often whisked away from a facility or home environment, wrapped in plastic, stored in a refrigerated utility space, and may be embalmed. Our lack of sensitivity for the deceased and their family has created a very poor and sometimes even scary image of death. In a preparation for burial ceremony I will begin by ceremoniously washing the body with the help of family and friends, dressing the deceased in garments that honor their unique personality, and decorating their body with significant pictures or flowers . A home or hospital preparation for burial is individually designed to honor each unique person and can be held in a gentle and intimate way that will alleviate the separation process.

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