Mt. Shasta Escorted Mystical Journeys
with Josiane Antonette

Not available at this time.

Photo by Kevin Lahey,

Mount Shasta is known as the home of the Masters and is one of the Major Seven Energy Centers of the World. Mt. Shasta is also well known throughout the world for its natural beauty, strong electromagnetic forces and profound presence of Spirit. Visiting the Mountain and its vicinity is like a pilgrimage to a great outdoor cathedral, and it is one of several sites and experiences to be held within these tribal Indian lands.

Escorted mystical journeys to the Mt. Shasta area have been specially designed and tailored for those who are seeking a better understanding and direct harmonious experience with the natural world and the world of spirits.

During a mystical journey you'll connect with the power of vortexes and sacred Native American grounds as you enjoy the scenic beauty of Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen, the Lava Beds National Monument, the McCloud and Burney Falls, and the many natural wonders of the beautiful northern California landscapes. Josiane's deep connection with Spirit, her knowledge of the legends and lore of the area, and her shamanic guidance will provide a rich experience for the true seeker and enhance a renewed sense of the wealth of wisdom that lies in the heart of nature and within oneself.

The journeys are highly recommended for the serious seeker of knowledge who wants to understand and experience first hand the world of the unseen and to renew their connection with all that is.

Not available at this time.