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Summer 2021

Great Spirit bless all our relations with the abundance of your healing waters
and help your children to remember that everything on/in/and out
of our beautiful planet is interconnected

Summer prayer by Josiane

Happy Summer

The Sanctuary is available to individuals in need of healing or any group that needs a spiritual setting during their visit to Mt. Shasta.

Josiane Antonette

Josiane Antonette
Contemporary Corsican Shaman/Medium

Specializing in Interdimensional Communication

Founder of The Bernadette Foundation
Author of "Whispers of the Soul" and "Matters of Spirit"

Spiritual Consultation
After Life Communication

Books by Josiane Antonette

Whispers of the Soul

"Whispers of the Soul"
This is a story of Josiane's journey between the mundane world and the world of spirit.
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Matters of Spirit

In "Matters of Spirit," Josiane Antonette takes you on an extraordinary journey to the world of spirits...
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